California Community Colleges

August 3, 2020

California Community Colleges offer many benefits to every student that is interested in earning an Associate’s Degree (2 years) or a certificate (less than 2 years) in a specific trade like cosmetology, water technology or welding. Community colleges also known as Junior colleges, provide students with the opportunity to transfer to a University and earn a Bachelor’s Degree ( a total of 4 years). California Community Colleges are unique in that they provide many Associate Degrees for Transfer to a Cal State or a UC, ensuring that students transfer within 2 years. Best part about Community Colleges is that they accept everyone!!!

Other benefits of attending a California Community College are but not limited to:

  • less expensive than Universities
  • No minimum GPA required for acceptance
  • No standardized tests required for acceptance
  • smaller class sizes
  • smaller campuses
  • California Promise Grant- 2 free years of college tuition
  • book waivers
  • accessible tutoring and other student support services
  • foster youth student focus
  • services that help homeless youth survive in college
  • honors programs
  • Educational Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS)
  • disability services
  • transfer services
  • educational advising
  • free mental health services
  • free snacks
  • free scantrons (while supplies last)
  • free blue books (while supplies last)


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